About Us

Aaron Duncan, a native of Cleveland, OH, started his journey in the criminal justice system because of his earlier experiences as a young man. Having had incidents himself and watching friends and family members go through similar trials and tribulations within the process, Aaron developed a strong need to learn as much about our legal system as resources would allow.

Aaron enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. Upon completion he pursued his interest in the legal system, using his own experiences to guide him toward opening a bail bond company. Through his extensive 14 plus years in the bail bonding industry. He was able to see a lot of the various challenges that come with the legal system, including difficulties with lawyers, the incarceration process, courtroom experiences, and sentencing.

“Numerous collateral damages can occur from an incarcerated person, and I felt that I could meet at least some of those needs and challenges that our community and nation faces at large.”

Aaron has expanded his reach and focus to providing resources through his books, Ready, Set, Bailed, Due Process, and Bail Bond Chronicles, as well as through his new resource site The Verdikt Media Enterprise Group.  The Verdict Media Enterprise Group provides resources in the form of media, stories, help, insight, and current news related to the justice system. 


Aaron hopes to contribute to helping those who have faced similar challenges going through the legal system or are currently facing a criminal charge.

Aaron continues to expand and share his knowledge by partnering up with individuals and groups focused on sharing their own stories as well as their commitment to broadening their resources for a like-minded community


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