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Half the states bar ex-cons from getting the occupational licences they need to re-enter the workforce. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say it doesn't make sense.

Mike Grennan, a former convict who's getting by piecing together small construction gigs in Port Huron...

May 18, 2018

Refusing these ads is no way to help people or reform the system.

This week Google and Facebook announced that they would stop accepting ads for bail-bond services. It’s the perfect moral gesture for our times: It makes a grand statement, keeps pressure groups happy, re...

We, the consumers at your stores, demand that you:

1. Rescind your financial support of the signature-gathering effort to rollback criminal justice reform, seek a refund of the $100K already contributed by your company, and withdraw from any commitments to future donati...

If you or someone you knows is facing arrest, a natural concern is whether you will have to stay in jail while you wait for your court date. Here are five things that the Court will care about in considering to let you out. 

Your Arrest Charge Matters

Why does law e...

Why You Don’t Want to Put Your Future in the Hands of a Public Defender

Besides fear and stress, you don’t remember much about when you were arrested—it all happened so quickly. As you were told your Miranda Rights, however, you may have heard the part about having a la...

So, you or a loved one has been charged with a felony charge in Virginia.  What is the process like?  Well, it can be a long one spanning many months.  Now a felony is defined in Virginia as any charged punishable over a year in jail, anything punishable by 12 months o...

The ACLU and other left-wing activists are attempting to get rid of bail entirely. Standard practice for them.

The justice system faces several tough challenges and one of them is: how to ensure that defendants appear in court while allowing them to continue with their...

Louisiana’s criminal-justice system has two dubious honors: First is its unwillingness, and now inability, to fund public defenders; and the second, more widely known, is that the state has the highest incarceration rate in the world, three times that of Iran.


There’s a fascinating study highlighted today by Zaid Jilani at The Intercept, and it seeks to examine the proximate causes of America’s sky-high incarceration rate, specifically for African-Americans. The report, by the People’s Policy Project, undertook a difficult (...

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